Smart Nora Homepage Redesign

Smart Nora Homepage Redesign

Skills: Ideation, Content selection, copywriting/editing, wireframing, design in adobe xd, implementation, A/B Testing.

Problem Frame

Smart Nora is a contact-free snoring solution designed to stop snoring without waking up the snorer or their partner. It is unlike any other product in their market category and needed a homepage refresh to better gain the trust of their prospecting customers. Hot Jar analytics showed low engagement rates and a high drop off rate at only ⅓ down the page likely due to a very lengthy page design that users did not want to scroll through and a lack of meaningful clickthrough links.


– Highlight the most important information above the fold or as close to the top of the page as possible.
– Improve the hierarchy of information to help prospecting customers convert faster.
– Improve engagement rate by creating meaningful CTAs throughout the page to help educate and engage customers.
– Mobile-first: It was found that our mobile traffic was 4x higher than our desktop traffic but with a higher percentage of purchases completed on desktop, so the mobile view definitely had to be optimized to match the comprehensiveness of the desktop layout. *Mobile screens on the way!*


1. Above the fold

The most important information needed to convert the prospecting customer needs to be “above the fold” (positioned in the upper half of a web page and so it’s visible without scrolling down the page):

  • Large value driven headline
  • Tagline giving more details about the product.
  • More unique selling points to aid in conversion
    • Trial period
    • Free shipping
    • Warranty
    • 5-star support
  • Engaging product imagery (narrative focused here with an image of a happy couple)
  • Meaningful call to action button
  • Additional information:
    • Building trust and credibility through high profile press mentions
    • Meaningful testimonials adds a human, more relatable touch

2. How it works video

As Smart Nora is so unlike other products in this category, early education was a must, people needed to learn what this mysterious product was and how it worked. This is why moving our product explainer video right after the product intro above the fold was important for conversion.

3. Product Intro

  • Used as a more in-depth intro/explainer below the fold in case the user skipped the video or was unable to watch the video at that moment.
  • A value driven introduction with some features and unique selling points:
    • Comfortable, silent, use any pillow, detects snoring, portable.
    • A closer look at the face of the product: the pebble.

4. How it works graphic

  • Displayed In case the user skipped the video or was unable to watch the video at that moment.
  • Offers a diagram to quickly explain how the product works without the user having to sit through the video to understand how Smart Nora works.
  • Ends with a CTA that directs users to the how it works page if they want to learn more

5. Features

This section speaks to some of the most commonly asked questions about Smart Nora about sleeping positions and pillow options.

6. Press Mentions

  • This reworked press section highlights one of their highest profile press mention – a Good Morning America segment that does a very good job of showing how the product works and telling the story of a couple’s life before and after Smart Nora.
  • Below it highlights some meaningful testimonial customers that speak to a variety of angles, such as energy levels, improved relationships, and comfortability.
  • Ends with a CTA sending users to the reviews page.

7. Benefits of Smart Nora

The benefits section speaks to something grander than just reduced snoring. Using Smart Nora means more than just quieter nights, it means protecting your sleep, boosting your energy and rejuvenating your relationship. This section speaks to the positive and deep ripple effect Smart Nora can make on the lives of its customers.

To balance the emotional component, a practical, results focused section was added to speak to skeptics who may need some sort of numbers/science focused proof that Smart Nora was worth their investment.

Implementation & Testing

Using Shogun, a Shopify page builder tool, allowed us to design and launch our landing page quickly without the need for a developer in-house to create, tweak and maintain the page. It kept myself, the designer and the marketing team in tight control and gave us the ability to iterate and test the designs quickly.

Initial A/B testing through the tool Convert showed us that the page had comparable conversion rate as the previous design but more importantly had a 13% increase in engagement rate. It showed us that prospecting customers were engaging with the information more deeply in order to make a more informed purchase decision likely to increase the retention of long term customers. View the live page here