Siblings of Autism Pamphlet + App

Created uniquely for teens with autistic siblings, this multi-fold pamphlet acts as a guide to help teens better understand, manage and cope with their sibling’s autism symptoms.

The pamphlet recognizes and acknowledges the hardships shared by siblings of autism. Engaging the reader on a journey, it provides readers helpful autism information and valuable insight and tips from other siblings.


Having an autistic sibling has many rewards and many hardships but a lot of the time it leaves you wondering ‘why’ about a lot of things. This project began as a way to better understand my sister’s autism and the various symptoms that go along with it. The project’s goal was to create a pamphlet to advocate for an issue of choice and communicate a clear message to an audience. Initially, the idea was to create a simple autism awareness piece but I wanted to share it from a different perspective. Siblings of autism are often an overlooked group in the entire process, the attention is mainly focused on the person diagnosed, researchers, practitioners, and parents. The pamphlet is designed as an educational and insightful resource that works to offer information, guidance, and support for siblings of autism.
Siblings of Autism is a multi-page fold out pamphlet that works to engage the reader on a journey. By unfolding the pages, different types of information are discovered. It begins with an introduction that eases the reader into the topic and then more specific information about the disorder that will help them better understand the behaviours of their brother or sister. With more unfolding, the pamphlet offers a unique perspective on autism, through the eyes of their siblings. It features reminders about the advantages of having a sibling with autism, things to keep in mind when things get tough and insightful anecdotes from other siblings they can relate with. Once completely unfolded, the pamphlet transforms into a poster that offers guidance and tips to everyday living when coping with autism.
The pamphlet’s information was transferred to a digital format in the form of an app using Adobe Desktop Publisher. It offers the same information but a different kind of interaction with its readers. Elements such as navigation pages, pull out tabs, animations, toggle features, and pop ups were added to encourage an easy and engaging experience with the information. Siblings of Autism works to offer information, guidance and support but most importantly, communicates to its readers that they are not alone in their experience.