Regenesis Referendum Posters

Regenesis is an environmental and social justice organization focusing on addressing critical issues through practical and comprehensive initiatives that create greater sustainability for school campuses, communities, city and planet. Find out more about Regenesis here.

Working alongside the campaign director, designer and executive members of Regenesis’ York Chapter, this poster series and leaflet was created to increase awareness on who Regenesis are and the campus initiatives they are involved with. The series works to promote positive voter participation during their upcoming referendum regarding funding for their current and future initiatives.

Each 11′ x 17′ poster highlights a specific initiative Regenesis has created or are working towards creating. By utilizing a bold iconic style and vibrant colours, the posters work to catch the attention of people passing by. With a “to the point” message on each poster requesting action, asking a question and/or both, they encourage positive voter participation with the least amount of text possible.

Poster Series