Buy Second Hand – Poster Series

Only 1% of all water found on Earth is easily accessible for human use.

Unfortunately, due to our heavy consumption and pollution, this essential resource is now too dangerous for both humans and wildlife.


This project addresses the social impact of graphic design and explores print design as an effective vehicle of persuasion. The challenge was to use words and images to produce a provocative visually dynamic and persuasive flyer aimed at a specific audience. The messages were targeted towards young adults, those generally with less financial responsibility and more disposable income to spend on clothing and material items. Each poster takes a different approach to the solution, first, metaphorical, second, photographic or image based, and third, typographic.
Reducing our impact on water resources can be achieved through simple activities such as purchasing used clothing. The average t-shirt requires almost 3,000 litres of water and by buying second hand, we can greatly reduce our water footprint. It is up to us to make changes in our daily lifestyle that will reduce our ecological impact and bring us towards a more sustainable way of living.
The posters force viewers to look past the stigma and gain a different perspective on purchasing clothing second hand, it portrays it as an act that is proactive rather than reactive. Buying second hand is not just for those who cannot afford to buy new, buying used is not just for those upholding and expressing the ‘hipster’ image, buying used can simply be for the environmentally friendly.